Tracking inventory with 3D INVENTORY

As veterans in the industry, we understand the value of providing tracking of valuable assets, in an increasingly complex supply chain. Be it make to order, project stock, batches, serialized product, we can help you maintain knowledge of asset location.


Why spend valuable resources finding assets, when with our service, you can know where your assets are located in near real-time?


We offer integration into your ERP system, using standard integration technology, avoiding the cost of proprietary integration software.

We help you to track your assets, and know where in the supply chain,  you have inventory, with finely tuned tracking you can increase your return on assets, especially for high value or critical items.

Our product supports manufacturing, refurbishment, return for repair processes, as well as make to order and engineer to order.

We track batch information, which in turn, can help you manage shelf life risks of your products.

The next stage in our evolution in is real time, automated warehouse integration to your warehouse management system.

We offer niche professional consulting services to help maximize the value of your business investment. We have all the resources your organization needs—including the tools and accelerators, and the experienced team—to successfully guide your projects from strategy to completion.

We leverage our enormous base of experience, in the supply chain arena to help you leverage your resources and assets effectively to make for a better bottom line


Our highly regarded consulting services can help you address a wide variety of business challenges. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you thrive.